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Business Immigration


Exclusive Services

The BIA has vast expertise in handling diverse immigration matters, encompassing both corporate and individual immigration enquiries. We offer tailored solutions specifically designed for various immigration categories, including Work or business Visas, support for UK employers, assistance for skilled migrant workers, as well as comprehensive services for SMEs and international entrepreneurs.

Business Immigration

British businesses have the opportunity to acquire a Sponsor License, enabling them to engage with migrant workers from both overseas and within the UK. It is imperative for employers to possess a comprehensive understanding of the jurisdiction governing the Sponsor License and its accompanying Sponsor Management System (SMS). While holding a Sponsor License is undoubtedly advantageous, it entails significant responsibilities in accordance with immigration laws.


Failing to adhere to the immigration regulations relevant to the Sponsor License can result in adverse actions by the Home Office. These actions may encompass downgrading, imposing restrictions, termination, or suspension of the Sponsor License. We strongly advise that you undergo thorough training to ensure complete familiarity with all the obligations associated with being a Sponsor License holder. Alternatively, it is advisable to engage the services of a qualified individual possessing substantial knowledge and experience concerning the Sponsor License and its SMS system.


Our team possesses extensive experience in handling Sponsor License applications, issuing Certificates of Sponsorship (CoSs), and effectively navigating the Sponsor Management System (SMS).

Sponsor License and Skilled Workers

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Our specialised areas:

  • Innovators

  • Global talent

  • Skilled Work routes

  • Skilled Worker

  • T2 Minister of religion

  • International sportsperson

  • Scale-up workers

  • Global Business Mobility routes

  • Senior or Specialist Worker

  • Graduate Trainee

  • UK Expansion Worker

  • Service Supplier

  • Secondment Worker

  • Representatives of overseas businesses

  • Study in the UK is also dealt with under the Points Based System

  • Student

  • Child student

  • Short-term (English language) student

  • PSW

  • High potential individual

  • Domestic workers

  • Youth mobility scheme

  • Temporary work

  • Seasonal workers

  • Creative worker

  • Religious worker

  • Charity worker

  • International agreement

  • Government authorised exchange

Individual and family Immigration:

We also specialize in the following Immigration areas: 

  • Entry clearance applications

  • Leave to entre application 

  • Leave to remain application

  • Visit visa 

  • Family visa

  • Nationality 

  • Registration of a British National

  • EEA, EU 

  • Student visa

  • Indefinite Permission to Remain

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