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Privacy Policy

We are duly authorized and regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). As per the regulatory framework set forth by the Commissioner, we are obligated to acquire and retain essential client documents, such as passports, ID cards, and related records for a duration of six years. Rest assured, we maintain a steadfast commitment to the security and confidentiality of your information, and we hereby articulate the following assurances:


We explicitly affirm that we shall not disclose or transfer your information to any third party, governmental authorities, or fellow law firms without your explicit and informed consent.


We further assert that we shall not distribute or sell any personal client information, including but not limited to email addresses, phone numbers, and residential addresses.


Prior to sharing any client information with immigration authorities, immigration lawyers, solicitors, barristers, or other legal entities, we shall diligently seek and obtain your written or oral consent.


In adherence to OISC regulations, we shall maintain the security and confidentiality of your case files for a duration of six years following the conclusion of a decisive stage in your case. However, we do not retain your data beyond what is necessary.


Our website employs cookies for the purpose of monitoring business progress and performance, such as online analytics. It is worth noting that you have the option to disable these functions in your browser settings.


We assure the safety of all downloadable materials available on our platform, confirming their absence of viruses or malware.


Please be advised that we reserve the right to revise and amend our Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice to our clients. Should you require a comprehensive overview of our Privacy Policy, we invite you to contact us for further details

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